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Catnap Kitties

Atlanta mother, Vivian Hoard, has invented a children’s comfort toy that has won Creative Child Magazine’s Preferred Choice Award. Catnap Kitties’ patented harmonic purr simulates the subtle sound and comforting feel of a real purring cat.  Unlike other robotic pets on the market, Catnap kitties’ soft, snuggly, bodies and calming purr replicates the unconditional love that a real pet provides.  

Vivian began working on her toy design shortly after the family’s beloved pet cat Ludwig died.  She had learned over the 19 years of Ludwig’s life that holding and petting a purring cat provides significant calming benefits.  The family photo album confirms the soothing power of Ludie’s purr with numerous scenes of her children sleeping peacefully next to, across, over, or under Ludie’s soft warm fur.  The calming power of a cat’s purr was again confirmed for Vivian when her mother recuperated from lung cancer surgery at an Eden Alternative Facility that uses cats as therapy pets.  Research by Alan Beck, Director of Purdue University’s Center for the Human-Animal Bond, confirms the therapeutic benefits of a cat’s purr and is part of the body of research behind the Eden Alternative concept. 

Realizing that not everyone can have a cat of their own due to allergies or other issues, and knowing that finding a docile, loving, laid-back cat can sometimes be a challenge, Vivian invented Catnap Kitties.  With this toy, she hopes to provide everyone from 3 to 103 with the unconditional love that a real pet provides.  

Armed with only hand made prototypes and a logo with Ludwig’s image sleeping on a crescent moon among the stars, Vivian launched Catnap Kitties at “Toy Fair 2008” in New York City.  “This has been a learning experience for me and my family,” Vivian admits.  “I had no idea how difficult, expensive, and time consuming it would be to compete with the big toy companies, protect my idea, and develop an electronic toy.  My husband says it is has been the most expensive grieving process he could imagine.”  

For more information about the calming power of a Catnap Kitties’ purr please visit www.catnapkitties.com. 

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