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Petsapalooza: Fur-Ever Home, the Animal Rescue Game

Board games are back!  And, Petsapalooza’s Fur-Ever Home®, The Animal Rescue Game is taking over game night for families across America.  

Fur-Ever Home®, the Animal Rescue Game is Fun!

Fur-Ever Home® is the only board game on the market where players help lovable and quirky dogs and cats get to their fur-ever homes.  Players run their very own rescue, where they take in, care for, and adopt out animals.  Players host events, raise money, pay bills, hire staff, and take part in the fun of helping animals.  The goal of the game is for players to work together to get all animals into a rescue or fur-ever home.  At the end of the game, the player with the highest points from animals in fur-ever homes wins!

Fur-Ever Home®, the Animal Rescue Game is Educational!

Fur-Ever Home® teaches players about running a business, including inventory, staff and money management.  Because players are running a rescue, their inventory includes the lovable and quirky dogs and cats of Straytown.  Players choose which animals to take into their rescue, but must have the right one when the customer comes in for an adoption.   Players can choose to hire staff to help them raise money or cut costs, but they need to make sure they can afford their salaries. Players raise money through events and adoptions, but they have to plan for expenses as well.

Fur-Ever Home®, the Animal Rescue Game is Socially Conscious!

Fur-Ever Home® is manufactured and assembled in the USA.  For each copy of Fur-Ever Home®, the Animal Rescue Game sold, Petsapalooza makes a donation to local rescues and shelters across America.

Families are falling in love with Fur-Ever Home®, the Animal Rescue Game.  They are describing the game as easier than Monopoly® and harder than The Game of Life®, but way cooler because everybody loves helping the dogs and cats of Fur-Ever Home®.



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