• What's Hot! Spot Submission Guidelines

  • For your What's Hot! spot we will require the following:

    Product Description
    Between 30-40 words about your product. The copy you provide will be used as is; we may make minor proofing corrections, but at this time we do not offer rewrites or extensive editing/cleanup. If your description is deemed excessively long, we reserve the right to shorten it without approval. For examples of previously run What's Hot! spots, please visit our online issue archives.

    Product Image
    Please include 1 image to accompany your description at high resolution (300 dpi) .

    Your image MUST be at least 3-4" (900px or larger).

    Your image MUST be at least 5" (1500px or larger). 

    Lower resolution images submitted may be refused if their quality is deemed unacceptable for print. Preferred file formats for images are JPG and PSD in CMYK color space. Your image should not include logos, award seals, text, or decorative graphic elements. We reserve the right to remove any of these.

    Contact Information
    At least one form of contact information must be included, most commonly a company website. We also recommend an email address and phone number.

    Proof Policy
    Due to the volume of What's Hot! spots we receive each month and the fact that they appear alongside other advertisers, we are unable to provide proofs for these pages.

    If you have any questions regarding your submissions, please contact the art department at artwork@creativechild.com

  • Re-running a previous What's Hot! spot

    If you would prefer to re-run a previously run spot rather than upload a new one, please email artwork@creativechild.com and tell us in which issue the spot last ran. If you have any changes to the spot, please include these in your email.

    Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure the spot does not contain any out-of-date content (trade show booth numbers, expired coupon codes, etc.).

  • Should be Empty: