Echidna Shuffle Marching Worldwide!

March 31, 2023

Introduced to the pages of this magazine in 2022, Echidna Shuffle is seeing its popularity and accolades continue to grow worldwide. Most recently, the game had a mass market release in Hong Kong, then through out China, with a special upgraded version of the game pieces. Wattsalpoag Games has also secured warehousing in both England and Germany to deal with the expanding demand for the game across all of Europe.

Discussions for a reprint are expected soon. Echidna Shuffle still has its charming pieces, outstanding construction and intuitive game play. Functioning as a fun pick-up and delivery game, players roll the dice and move any of the echidnas to get their bugs back home. The first to get all three of their bugs to their matching stumps wins. With beautifully-crafted echidnas that are nearly toys in their own right and a unique two-sided board, game play is kept fresh and exciting. The game has been a huge hit with players of all ages, with much ofthe popularity coming from its kid-friendly pieces. Everything is designed with smaller hands in mind so the whole family can enjoy playing together. There’s also an easy to use dice modification board to balance out dice rolls for younger players.

Echidna Shuffle is for two to six players, ages six and up, and an average game takes about 15-minutes to play. With its rock-bottom price and award-winning design, this game hasn’t failed to please. So, isn’t it time to join the shuffle and find out what you've been missing? Echidna Shuffle – it’s quite possibly the best game you’ve never played!

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