Le Château Frontenac 3D Puzzle

January 31, 2023

Le Château Frontenac is a historichotel situated in Old Quebec City overlooking the Saint Lawrence River. It was anatural choice to celebrate the 30th anniversary of a true Canadian invention toselect such an iconic Canadian landmark. It is one of Canada’s grand railwayhotels opened in 1893 and built by the Canadian Pacific Railway. Its châteauesque architectural style was partly inspired by medieval castles found inFrance’s Loire Valley and is rendered here in all its splendor in 865 jigsaw puzzlepieces.

30 years ago, Montrealer Paul E. Gallant came up with the idea to bringthe 3rd dimension to the puzzling experience. To achieve his vision, hedeveloped the foam-backed puzzle pieces combined with the use of mortise &t enon joints for a sturdy 3D assembly of different puzzle sections... Brilliant!

To commercialize his new concept, he founded Wrebbit, a name inspired by thesound of the frog’s croak. The success was instantaneous and phenomenal.Since then, millions of three-dimensional puzzles have been sold worldwideevery year. The term “3D puzzle” is now part of the toy industry vocabulary, but no other brands have achieved Wrebbit’s quality standards.

This year, Wrebbit is celebrating 30 years of this Canadian made product by continuing to expand and develop this unparalleled foam backed pieces technology that allows us, even after all these years, to be the only one delivering THE REAL 3D PUZZLE EXPERIENCE.

For more information on Wrebbit3D’s history and spectacular marketing stunts email sales@wrebbit3d.com

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