The Most Award-Winning Scooters for Kids

September 11, 2023

Loved by kids, trusted by parents for over two decades, Micro Kickboard has been combining the best quality materials with Swiss design to create an exceptionally smooth, stable ride that delights both kids and adults. Known for innovation, Micro has created awide range of styles, continuously updating and refining them with new colors and features. Micro Kickboard continues to ensure their scooters areas strong as possible, yet also light weight,making them easy to carry, durable enoughto pass on to the next child, comfortable enough to ride for miles and miles, and most importantly, FUN!

Scooters that Grow with Your Kids...You and your child will get miles and miles (and miles of smiles!) out of your Micro scooters because they grow with your child.The t-bars on Micro scooters are all easily height-adjustable, keeping those hand grips at the perfect riding height for years to come.Virtually every part of Micro scooters are replaceable. Once your child has out grown it, freshen it up to pass it to a sibling or a pal. Whether it’s a wheel that wears down or just a set of new hand grips, Micro Kickboard offers replacement parts and easy instructions. Just like the good ole days, these scooters are built to last!

The original kickboard-style ride...The three-wheel kickboard-style ride, featuring a steering style called “Lean-to-Steer,” is a winner both for stability and fun. The “Lean-to-Steer” helps kids develop critical gross motor skills such as balance and coordination. As beginners, kids start by initially going straight, then add gentle turns. As they advance, kids ramp up to curving back and forth, in an action we call “surfing the sidewalk”: still stable but also a LOT of fun.

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